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Video Poker Strategy Guides and Video Poker Analyzers

Welcome to VPGenius, a website dedicated to helping you play video poker like a genius. Video poker is a popular game at live casinos, online and even onboard cruise ships. It's a game that is easy to learn but where practice and knowledge of basic strategy make for a better player. Here you'll find strategy guides for a wide range of games in the video poker games section. You can also analyze hands, practice your skills, or run a simulation for a variety of video poker games. Each video poker analyzer also contains programming information and deck simplification information for those interested in a deeper view of how the game runs.

Video Poker game developers are always working to tempt players with new variations on the games. Some take off and some never become popular. If you want to try out a game that this site doesn't provide an analyzer for, you can use the custom video poker game analyzer. Or create your own video poker game and give it a try to see how it would play in a real casino.

Play in the US and wondering about taxes on your win? We've got you covered. Check out the articles section for valuable information on how to deal with taxes and even tipping at the casino. If you've ever wondered about the programming or the random number generator used in Video Poker games, we have that information too. We'll even help you create a strategy guide for that new video poker game on the market.

Are you considering playing video poker online? There can be advantages to online play since it is easier to find full pay tables for online video poker games, but you want to be sure you're playing at a top casino. We offer ratings and reviews of online casinos, including Club USA Casino, Mona Casino and WinPalace Casino. Our reviews include a list of video poker games and paytables offered at each of the casinos. We also provide ratings for each casino, based on our unique video poker casino rating system, which rates various aspects of each casino from the perspective of a video poker player.

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